Micro Irrigation Systems Market (Updated Version Available)

Micro Irrigation Systems Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis, By Type (Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation, Spray Irrigation, and Subsurface Irrigation), Application (Field Crops, Orchards, Vineyards, Vegetables, Plantation Crops, and Ornamental Plants), End-Use (Agricultural Farms, Industries, and Other (Parks, Gardens)), Region and Segment, Forecast Period (2023 - 2030)

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Key Market Overview:

The Micro Irrigation Systems market is anticipated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.3% between 2023 and 2030, resulting in a market size of USD 23.92 Billion by 2030. In 2022, the market was valued at USD 9.9 Billion.

Micro irrigation systems also referred to as micro spray systems, trickle irrigation systems, or, low-flow systems is an irrigation method that enables low water flow and pressure in comparison to traditional sprinkler systems. Low-pressure irrigation is widely employed in agricultural settings for orchards, row crops, and vineyards. Additionally, irrigation systems are also employed in nurseries, in redesigning commercial and private gardens, and in the restoration of ecology and environmental remediation.

The growing awareness about crop management systems to improve crop productivity including the use of soil moisture probes and autonomous pivots is driving the growth of the micro irrigation systems market. Moreover, the adoption of crop management systems reduces fertilizer wastage by mixing the fertilizers directly with the water, resulting in improved crop yield. In addition, the management of crops is of utmost importance to increase crop diversity and chances of pollination and to protect crops from pests, insects, and weeds. Consequently, the growing awareness of crop management practices to produce greater yields using micro irrigation systems is contributing significantly in promoting the growth of the market. For instance, in March 2020, Valley Irrigation launched Valley 365, a single platform for crop management that uses advanced micro irrigation systems to improve crop yield. The platform allows greater control of the pivots to protect the crops from insects thus, results in driving market growth.

Micro Irrigation Systems Report Coverage:

Report AttributesReport Details
Study Timeline2017-2030
Market Size in 2030 (USD Billion)USD 23.92 Billion
CAGR (2023-2030)10.3 %
Base Year2022
By TypeDrip Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation, Spray Irrigation, and Subsurface Irrigation
By ApplicationField Crops, Orchards, Vineyards, Vegetables, Plantation Crops, and Ornamental Plants
By End-UserAgricultural Farms, Industries, and Other (Parks, Gardens)
By Geography
  • Asia-Pacific [China, Southeast Asia, India, Japan, Korea, Western Asia]

  • Europe [Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey]

  • North America [United States, Canada, Mexico]

  • Middle East & Africa [GCC, North Africa, South Africa]

  • South America [Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Peru]
Key PlayersJain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Lindsay Corporation, Mahindra EPC Irrigation, Nelson Irrigation Corporation, Netafim Limited, PepsiCo, Inc., Rain Bird Corporation, Rivulis Irrigation, The Toro Company, T-L Irrigation Co.

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Market Dynamics:


The growing demand to yield high-quality products by delivering water directly to the roots of plants results in reduced water usage is driving the growth of the micro irrigation systems market. The advent of advanced irrigation methods including drip irrigation has water-saving capacities to supply water directly to the plant roots resulting in the production of healthier crops. Additionally, the advanced system also reduces carbon dioxide emission by 83% and methane emission by 78% in comparison to traditional irrigation systems. Furthermore, drip irrigation also eliminates the need to add fertilizers to the soil as the system delivers the required nutrients directly to the plant roots. Consequently, the ability of advanced irrigation systems to lower water consumption, improve crop yield, and reduce the emission of harmful gases is contributing significantly to drive the market growth. For instance, in March 2022, PepsiCo and N-Drip collaborated to introduce a system for farmers with water-saving capabilities to improve crop yield. The new drip irrigation system consumes less energy, reduces water consumption, and lowers CO2 emissions hence, fueling the growth of the micro irrigation systems market.


The cost of manufacturing micro irrigation systems including drip irrigation and sprinklers is high in comparison to traditional irrigation systems that restrain the growth of the market. Additionally, the systems are unsuitable to function in high-temperature areas as high temperature affects the tubes of drip irrigation leading to shorter life span of the tubes. Moreover, the cost of replacement of tubes is also high that further limits the adoption of drip irrigation systems and impedes the growth of the global micro irrigation system market.


The integration of advanced technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to create opportunities for the growth of the micro irrigation systems market. The integration assists the farmer to access the crops in real time based on the amount of water, nutrients, and power consumed by the crops. Additionally, by assimilating IoT with the irrigation systems the farmers gain insights about the amount of pesticides needed to protect the crops from fungal, viral, and bacterial attacks. Consequently, the ability of the Internet of Things to provide real time insights to improve crop yield is projected to create potential opportunities for the growth of the market.
For instance, in August 2021, Jain Irrigation Systems in collaboration with the Consulate General of Israel, NaanDanJain Irrigation, and United Planters Association of Southern India introduced a Smart IoT irrigation project in tea Plantation. The irrigation system uses advanced sensors to provide real-time updates of the growth of tea plants in various environmental conditions including prolonged dry spells, flood, snow, and high temperature.

Micro Irrigation Systems Market Segmentation:


By Type

The type segment is categorized into drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, spray irrigation, and subsurface irrigation. Drip irrigation systems accounted for the largest market share in 2022 as the system helps to reduce water usage by delivering the water directly to the plant roots. Additionally, the system is also employed to keep foliage dry that further prevents the growth of fungus including powdery mildew.

Moreover, the system also reduces the risk of mudflows and flooding in villages located downhill leading to disaster risk reduction and environmental restoration. In conclusion, the ability of drip irrigation systems to reduce water usage, prevent fungal growth, and promote environmental restoration are collectively contributing to drive market growth. For instance, in March 2020, the Government of the Russian Federation with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) established two drip irrigation systems in two selected orchards in Yori and Urmetan villages. The efficient drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the plants\' root to produce higher yields while saving the water, fertilizers and operation cost including fuel and manual hours.

Sprinkler irrigation is projected to witness the fastest CAGR during the forecast period owing to the ability of sprinklers to uniformly distribute water with high efficiency. Additionally, the irrigation method is suitable for all types of crops including heavy clay soil, loamy soil, and silt soil. Moreover, sprinkler irrigation systems are less expensive in comparison to other irrigation systems further, promoting the growth of sprinkler irrigation systems. In conclusion, the abovementioned factors including cost-effectiveness and uniform water distribution are projected to drive the market growth during the forecast period.

By Application

The application segment is categorized into field crops, orchards, vineyards, vegetables, plantation crops, and ornamental plants. Orchards accounted for the largest market share in 2022 as orchards require large amounts of water to grow and micro irrigation systems are ideal for delivering water directly to the plant roots. Additionally, orchard crops including bananas, tomatoes, and beetroots are prone to fungal attacks that raise the demand for advanced micro irrigation systems to deliver fungicides to the plant roots. Moreover, the ability of irrigation systems to improve crop yield by reducing water loss is contributing significantly in propelling the growth of maize and soybean. Consequently, the increasing demand for micro irrigation systems to enhance orchard crop production is accelerating the growth of the market.
Plantation crops are projected to register the fastest CAGR owing to the increasing consumption of tea and coffee products globally. Plantation crops are grown in hilly areas that increase the demand for advanced irrigation systems including drip irrigation to supply nutrients and fertilizers for plant growth. Furthermore, the increasing consumption of coffee among the young generation is also projected to increase its demand which in turn will promote the growth of plantation crops. For instance, in September 2022, according to International Coffee Organization (ICO), coffee consumption in Indonesia quadrupled since 1990 reaching approximately 4.8 million 60 kg bags of coffee in 2020. The increase in coffee consumption in the region is fueled by the consumers shift from tea to coffee along with the growing adoption of locally produced coffee.

By End-User

The end-use segment is divided into agricultural farms, industries, and other (parks, gardens). Agricultural farms accounted for the largest market share in 2022 and is also projected to witness the fastest CAGR during the forecast period. The growth is attributed to the improvements in technology including the emergence of advanced software that uses high-resolution satellite data to deliver information regarding the weather conditions to the farmers. The advent of such cloud-based software aids the farmer to reduce water and power wastage and also enhances crop yield thereby promoting the growth of agricultural farms. For instance, in October 2022, Revalcon LLC developed a web application that monitors the power and water distribution in agricultural farms remotely. The emergence of advanced technologies to improve crop yield raises the demand for micro irrigation systems which in turn promotes market growth.

By Region:

Asia Pacific accounted for the largest market share in 2022 as countries including India have an agrarian economy, over 54% and agriculture serves as the most important sector of the Indian economy. Additionally, India is largely dependent on rain-fed agriculture and the application of advanced micro-irrigation systems helps the Indian agricultural sector to reduce the dependence on rain and increase crop productivity. For instance, in July 2022, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. introduced an integrated irrigation system that reduces the reliance of Indian farmers on rain. The system uses sprinkler and drip irrigation, automation technology, and précise usage of liquid fertilizers to improve the food grains production along with savings in the labor cost. Consequently, the development of advanced irrigation systems by key players in Asia Pacific countries to enhance crop yield is contributing significantly to drive the market growth in the region.


North America is projected to witness the fastest CAGR during the forecast period owing to the expanding food industry that raises the demand for high quality crops production using sustainable irrigation methods. Additionally, the adoption of advanced technologies including sprinkler irrigation reduces water runoff to prevent the loss of nutrients is also propelling the market growth. Furthermore, the presence of key players including Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc. and Lindsay Corporation constantly apply product innovations to strengthen the market position. Consequently, the expanding food industry, advancements in technology, and the presence of key players in the region are anticipated to drive the growth of the micro irrigation systems market in North America.

Micro Irrigation Systems Market Competitive Landscape:

The competitive landscape of the market has been analyzed in the report, along with the detailed profiles of the major players operating in the industry. Further, the surge in Research and Development (R&D), product innovation, various business strategies, and application launches have accelerated the growth of the micro irrigation systems market. Key players in the market include-

• T-L Irrigation Co.
• The Toro Company
• Rivulis Irrigation
• Rain Bird Corporation
• PepsiCo, Inc.
• Netafim Limited
• Nelson Irrigation Corporation
• Mahindra EPC Irrigation
• Lindsay Corporation
• Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

Recent Developments

• In March 2023, Jain Irrigation Systems merged with Rivulis to expand the company\'s irrigation system portfolio. The merger is considered a strategic move by Jain Irrigation Systems to improve India\'s agricultural sector and also to expand in the international market.

• In October 2020, Toro launched a clog resistant drip tape named Aqua Traxx drip tape. The tape is designed to optimize the flow passage to maximize clog resistance and improve the crop yield.
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